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Unique business names expose a rich seam of imagery that will make your advertising and marketing campaigns sparkle. But, good business names aren’t easy to come by. And, as you’re probably aware, there’s a lot more to brand naming than a lightbulb moment.

Whether you’re an eager startup or reinvigorating an existing brand, Naimeo can help you to find a unique business name. Minus frustration and huge agency fees.

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Naimeo exists to fast-track the process of brand naming, so you can get on with running your business. Here’s what you get…

  • A unique brand name for a fixed price
  • A desirable and brandable .com domain
  • A name today, without the frustration
  • A ready-to-use, professional logo design
  • A fast-track to launching your brand

Why choose Naimeo

We’re expert namers.

Behind every business name for sale, there’s an experienced team of creative professionals that specialises in brand naming. Naimeo also makes the process of owning a brilliant brand name (and .com domain) easy…

  • All major credit cards accepted
  • Instant transfer of ownership
  • Support with domain transfers
  • Optional logo artwork provided
  • Highly responsive sales team


When payment is made, your name will be removed from the Naimeo website.


Naimeo will provide a link so you’re able to access master logo artwork files.


A sales assistant will be in touch with instructions to initiate the domain transfer.


You’re now free to use your name and .com domain to launch your brand.

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£1,895 + VAT

A 7 letter compound name that brings a sense of mischievous adventure to proceedings. Abandoo suggests energy, passion and vibrancy, while bringing a direct call to action. This is a brand name set to deliver a cutting edge consumer platform just brimming with ‘in the moment’ excitement.

£1,895 + VAT

A sophisticated hybrid brand name that fuses abacus and quorum to suggest teamwork and collaboration with strong focus on numbers or data. Abaquor feels like a business to business name that would be perfect an organisation that provides an accountable and reliable service through partnership.

£1,895 + VAT

A quirky and inventive brand name that combines the magical phrase ‘abracadabra’ with ‘can do’. Abracando suggests getting things done so smoothly and efficiently that the experience feels just like magic. This name could be used for any service or solutions business that wants its customers to feel special.

£1,475 + VAT

A corporate sounding, yet slightly feminine name, that is based on the word ‘accord’. This name is both powerful and protective, meaning reliability will always be the core value of your business brand.

£1,895 + VAT

A corporate sounding name that is based on the word ‘accord’, instantly evoking power and agreement. Acordin has a clear stance and knows where it stands, just like your company.

£1,895 + VAT

A contemporary yet Latin sounding twist on adept that suggests a highly capable and dependable organisation with a masterful approach to what to does. Suitable for any business sector where skills and agility dictate success, Adeptua is a brand name for highly proficient companies who know their stuff.

£1,895 + VAT

A capable combination of the words ‘advance’ and ‘arm’ which creates an empowering outcome of progressive protection. Advarm sounds both industrial and accurate, and promotes technical agility and global security in a changing world. A name that sounds strongly pharmaceutical, with solid suggestions of research and development.

£1,895 + VAT

A classic sounding name rooted in Greek mythology. Aegior combines aegis, meaning powerful shield-like protection, with a Latin ior suffix, found in words like superior and ulterior. The result is a strong, stable brand name suitable for businesses where reliability, stability and security are watch words.

£1,895 + VAT

An amiable and urbane name that combines ‘affable’ with ‘rey’, the Spanish word for ‘king’. Affarey is all about achieving success and growth by fostering a community spirit. A brand name that’s perfect for groups and services working with a common purpose, or organisations that create social networks for the common good.

£2,895 + VAT

A modern, feminine hybrid name with a bright and broad appeal. Affelle feels full of positive vibes, with more than a touch of lifestyle editorial and social media mixed in. A name that’s ambient enough to cover everything from opinions to products and ratings to reviews, this is a brand that’s hashtag ready.

£2,895 + VAT

A fresh and fabricated sound gives this name a real sense of synthesis. Afluxa explores the sound concepts associated with motion and change in a positive and dynamic way. A technical and compelling brand name for any organisation where ambition and agility are the prime objectives.

£1,895 + VAT

An abstract invented name rooted in traditional Greek and Latin morphemes, Agaleo has a light, breezy touch that suggests an effortless elegance and sophistication. Regardless of the business sector, this is a name ready to be filled with value and facilitate a stylish, discerning and trustworthy brand position.