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Unique business names expose a rich seam of imagery that will make your advertising and marketing campaigns sparkle. But, good business names aren’t easy to come by. And, as you’re probably aware, there’s a lot more to brand naming than a lightbulb moment.

Whether you’re an eager startup or reinvigorating an existing brand, Naimeo can help you to find a unique business name. Minus frustration and huge agency fees.

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Naimeo exists to fast-track the process of brand naming, so you can get on with running your business. Here’s what you get…

  • A unique brand name for a fixed price
  • A desirable and brandable .com domain
  • A name today, without the frustration
  • A ready-to-use, professional logo design
  • A fast-track to launching your brand

Why choose Naimeo

We’re expert namers.

Behind every business name for sale, there’s an experienced team of creative professionals that specialises in brand naming. Naimeo also makes the process of owning a brilliant brand name (and .com domain) easy…

  • All major credit cards accepted
  • Instant transfer of ownership
  • Support with domain transfers
  • Optional logo artwork provided
  • Highly responsive sales team


When payment is made, your name will be removed from the Naimeo website.


Naimeo will provide a link so you’re able to access master logo artwork files.


A sales assistant will be in touch with instructions to initiate the domain transfer.


You’re now free to use your name and .com domain to launch your brand.

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£1,895 + VAT

A sophisticated sounding fusion of invention and nitro that evokes turbo-charged ideas and innovation. Invietro has strong potential as a brand moniker for business incubators, digital agencies and tech startups alike. It’s a brand name that proudly captures a hub of free-flowing experimentation and fresh inventive concepts.

£2,895 + VAT

A short, punchy and technical sounding brand name that suggests modular systems and processes. Istemo feels intelligent, well engineered and progressive. A highly desirable six letter name designed to cut through the clutter, create clarity and provide a memorable brand for a modern tech-driven organisation.

£1,895 + VAT

Reflecting Japanese language and tone the strong double ‘z’ and phonetic sound make this engagingly graphic and ideal for an oriental style accessories house or food store.

£1,895 + VAT

Upbeat and joyful with a hint of Italian-style freshness, this name is ideal for a modern fresh food or drink brand with youthful ambitions and positive nature.

£895 + VAT

A light-hearted, abstract name full of engaging phonetic sounds and alliteration – ideal for a children’s toy store or play park brand.

£895 + VAT

A fresh and vibrant word fusion that suggests a luxurious fixation on the cultural scene. Junkiedelux fizzes with visual style and potential energy. It promises the addictive sensation of creativity around every corner. This is a name for a future forward culture vulture to pin their dreams on.

£2,850 + VAT

Associations with the influential philosopher Kant are obvious, and no bad thing. Besides this, Kantein suggests a ‘can-do’ attitude and protein, making it a name that can flex to suit almost any business. Kantein sounds like a forward thinking brand, concerned, much like Kant himself, with connecting reason to the human experience.

£895 + VAT

A modern modification of the word ‘curtail’ gives a positive vibe to this vital verb. Kertail suggests a considerate and conservational company or service that looks to consider, edit and reduce for the positive good. Perfect for optimistic brands with environmental credentials at the heart of their ethos.

£895 + VAT

An invented, playful name that’s easily adaptable for a wide range of audiences. Kikkora provides the perfect balance between the serious and fun sides of any brand. Could this be the perfect name for your business?

£1,895 + VAT

Super-efficient, responsive and straight to the point. A quirky, memorable, seven letter name that could be used to launch an impactful tech brand into virtually any service driven sector. From banking to booking and delivery to downloads, klickity-click and everything’s sorted lickety-split.

£895 + VAT

A bold and sonic onomatopoeia brand name which has an instant audible impact. Klikkity has its finger firmly on the pulse of the digital marketplace. With its youthful and exuberant nature, this would be a perfect name for any fast moving consumer campaign with a highly visual appeal.

£1,895 + VAT

A friendly and engaging name – with a little ‘kookie’ eccentricity – creating a brand that’s inspiring and a little bit different