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A sensible and assuming sound blend that connects the foreseeable future to you, the customer, in a simple yet modern brand name. Expectua turns forecasts into facts and delivers them in a relevant and timely manner. From news to numbers, this is a data driven service brand name to consider.

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Expectua.com domain.

You’ll get outright ownership of the name and .com domain, and you’re free to use it wherever you wish.

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Master logo artworks.

If you would like to use Naimeo’s logo design, we will provide master artwork files for immediate use.

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Transfer support.

To ensure the entire process runs smoothly, we’re on hand to provide technical assistance and support. Read more…

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When your payment is authorised, a sales assistant will be in touch with domain transfer instructions.

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Naimeo will provide a link to access master logo artwork files and the name will be removed from our website.

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Ownership is transferred and you can start the process of building and growing your business. Today!