If you've never bought a company or domain name before, the process of transferring names can seem confusing.

However, Naimeo will guide you through the process from start to finish! We’re here to simplify your name purchasing process.

When you make your purchase

To buy a name from Naimeo, you’ll need to start by setting up an account with a domain name registrar, if you do not already have one. This will allow you to request the transfer of a domain into your account.

A domain name registrar is an authorised business responsible for dealing with the management and registration of digital domains. You will not be able to take ownership of a domain name without a registrar. Make sure that you appoint the registrar of your choosing before we transfer your new company name to you.

Once you’re ready, you can come and browse through Naimeo for the ultimate domain name and make your purchase. Once your payment has been processed, we’ll transfer the registration and ownership of your new .com address and business name to you. This will give you permission to manage the settings of your domain, as well as your email and website information.

Authorising your purchase

Within 24-48 hours of your purchase, we’ll send you an authorisation code. A domain name registrar will ask you to provide this code when requesting your transfer. If, after 48 hours, you don’t see an email in your inbox from Naimeo, make sure that you check any other folders, including spam or junk.

Through email correspondence, everything will go into motion to give you full ownership of your new domain. Your registrar will connect with us to ensure that we own the domain you’re trying to buy and that we’re happy with the transfer.

Certain registrars will request you to take part in security measures, like submitting unique codes to complete your transfer. These codes will be sent to us, and we can transfer them to you when we receive them.

Which domain name registrars are available?

Naimeo is not affiliated with any specific domain name registrar.

You’re free to research and choose the registrar that you feel most comfortable with. Some of the top providers include:

How much does a domain transfer cost?

There is often a small fee included with a domain transfer, which usually equates to around £10 (or $15). They will also charge you an annual fee (usually of a similar amount) which allows the registrar to manage your name registration. Paying this fee ensures that you can continue to maintain ownership of your new domain. After your purchase is complete, there will be no additional fees from Naimeo.

How long will a transfer take?

When a domain transfer is successfully approved, it will take only a few hours to complete, but can sometimes take a few days. The timing of your transmission will be outside of our control, and every registrar works differently. However, we will do everything we can to make the process as smooth and simple as possible.

What happens to your website?

Purchasing a domain name gives your website a location on the internet. This also allows you to create an email account that uses your new domain name. You can list your domain name on advertising assets and share it with others.

Your domain name registrar will be able to link your new name with your website, even if your site is hosted by another group. Alternate providers can handle your domain name and web hosting. You can also have a separate provider for email hosting.

When your domain name transfer is complete, you can access your domains settings on the control panel of your account.

If you have any questions about domain name transfers, please contact the Naimeo team: sales@naimeo.com.

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