.Com vs .Net

Designer domains: Com vs. Net – which TLD do you need?

Finding the right address for your company’s digital domain is just as crucial as choosing the right location for a brick-and-mortar building. The domain you choose will determine who visits your site, what they think of your business, and even how well you rank in the search engines. The question is, which domain extension will deliver the best results to your brand? Today, it’s not just .com vs .net vs .org anymore. There are endless TLDs out there to consider. Here’s your map to navigating the best addresses on the web.

How To Promote Your Website

How to promote your website and get your brand name out there

Unfortunately, the “if you built it they will come” approach doesn’t apply to a company’s website. If you want to be successful online, then you need to do a lot more than publish a great site – you also need to drive attention to your corner of the internet. Website promotion is a complex concept that includes everything from email marketing to social media and more. Discover the best website promotion tips for boosting your online presence…

First Domain Name

What was the first ever registered domain name?

The history of the internet is exciting, complex and intricate. While many factors contributed to the digital world that we know today, one of the most critical milestones in the world wide web, was the registration of the first domain name. The Symbolics.com domain has become an icon of virtual history, and it’s something we’re proud to explore with you in our latest article. Come and learn about the first ever domain name.

How To Buy A Domain Name

How to buy a domain name that conjures constant clicks

In today’s highly-connected and digital world, your domain name is just as crucial to your company as any other brand asset. Fail to choose the right URL, and you’ll struggle to attract people to your website. You may even find that your reputation suffers too. The question is, how to buy a domain name that you know will support and empower your brand? As the ultimate online naming specialists, Naimeo is here to help.

Cool One Word Names

Tips for choosing cool one word names for stylish businesses

What makes for a “cool” brand name? Is it the meaning it conveys to your audience, the way it rolls off the tongue during conversations, or even the way it looks in a logo? In most cases, it’s a combination of all of those things and more. Cool one-word names stand out in any industry for their brevity and stylish appeal. The question is, how do you come up with a fantastic name when so many words are already taken? The team at Naimeo are here to help.

Domain Name Extensions

Domain name extensions explained: Finding your place online

When domain extensions were first introduced to the digital world, they were only a handful to choose from. You could showcase your non-profit status with a .org domain, highlight your digital background with a .net address, or choose the premium .com option. Now, there are more than a thousand different extensions out there – and they all have a specific purpose. The question is, how do you decide which domain name extensions are right for you?

How To Promote Your Website On Social Media

#Hashtag hints: How to promote your website on social media

There are plenty of excellent ways to promote your website and business name these days. You can work on an SEO campaign, build your presence through PPC, and even pay for offline advertisements. However, few methods are more effective than developing the right profile on social media. With a social strategy, you can send endless customers back to your site, build brand loyalty, and even create a community of avid advocates.