How To Name A Startup 1

How to name a startup: Your all-access guide

Congratulations! You’ve come up with the perfect idea for your new business.You’re not just starting any old business, you’re creating something truly special – your very own startup. A startup is a company that’s all about scalability, rapid growth, and agility. These businesses need to be highly adaptive and capable of expanding all around the…

Best Business Names

The best around: What to know before choosing the best business names

The right business name can do incredible things for your company. Your name will differentiate you from the competition, show your audience what it can expect from your brand, and even highlight your unique values and vision. Unfortunately, for every amazing name there is in the world, there are countless other duds that fail to resonate or inspire. The good news? Naimeo is here to make sure that you can find the best business names around.

How To Trademark A Company Name

How to trademark a company name: The basics for budding businesses

There’s a lot more to establishing an effective brand for your business than just choosing the right name and logo. You’ll also need to make sure that your intellectual property is protected so that no other firm can come along and harm your reputation. Learning how to trademark your company name ensures that you have the crucial protection you need to take full ownership of your identity. Here’s what you need to know.

Best Company Names

Your A to Z guide to creating the best company names ever

The best company names of all time are the memorable titles that have stayed with customers throughout history. They’re the monikers like Google and Netflix, that become a part of our everyday language or define a specific product or service. Finding a name with the power to become this iconic isn’t easy. Often, it takes an in-depth evaluation of everything from the emotion behind words to the linguistic psychology that affects human behaviour. To help you find the best company names ever for your brand, we’ve put together this guide to unforgettable company names.