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£2,895 + VAT

Yum yum! This name tastes as good as it looks and it sounds. Guaranteed to stand out, grab people’s attention and create razor-sharp queue in a crowded marketplace. Whatever the type of food your business is cooking up, Yumzor delivers it with energy, wit and a razor-sharp precision.

£1,895 + VAT

An advanced, technical sounding name that combines zen with optical, optimisation or optimism. Zenopti evokes the meditative, enlightened and intuitive state associated with zen, while capturing the positive values of confidence, insight and efficiency. It’s powerful and visionary brand name whichever way you spin it.

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Full of zest – with a touch of psychology – this name reflects an upbeat approach to fitness and the Z initial creates a strong graphic style suitable for a sports corporate or fitness club.

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A short, three syllables name that has intrinsic strength and stature that could work in the insurance, security or financial field.