Successful Brand Names

Successful brand names: What the right name can do for your company’s reputation

The world is full of brands. Some are huge companies like Google and Apple, which seem to have a following from customers around the globe. Other brands belong to smaller businesses, just beginning to make their impact on the world. If you want to succeed in the modern marketplace, you need to discover how you can use branding to your advantage and learn what it takes to become a truly memorable company.

Brandable Domain Names

Descriptive vs. brandable domain names: Which is the better choice?

Choosing the right domain name for your business means finding a digital address that will direct your customers straight to you and your organisation. The right domain name can help your company to thrive online, while the wrong one could leave you struggling with obscurity. So, how do you choose the right domain name? Start by looking at the difference between descriptive and brandable URLs.

Change Business Name

How to change your business name: A simple (and effective) guide

A name is one of the most important ways to identify and differentiate your business. However, what happens after a couple of years, when you discover that your current name just isn’t doing its job? The only option could be to discover how to change the name of your business. Changing a business name isn’t easy – it takes a lot of time and effort. However, it could be the best way to give your company the support it needs to grow.

Best Corporation Names

Corporate creativity: Choosing the best corporation names

These days, choosing the perfect title is tougher than ever. There’s so much competition out there, and unless you have a history in naming and brand-building, it’s easy to make mistakes on the path to success. The good news is that with the right help, you can choose a title that defines your organisation, and sets you on the way to growth. Naimeo is here to help you identify the best corporation names, and even invest in one for your brand.

Best Business Names

The best around: What to know before choosing the best business names

The right business name can do incredible things for your company. Your name will differentiate you from the competition, show your audience what it can expect from your brand, and even highlight your unique values and vision. Unfortunately, for every amazing name there is in the world, there are countless other duds that fail to resonate or inspire. The good news? Naimeo is here to make sure that you can find the best business names around.

Popular Brand Names

Suits you, sir: The most popular types of brand names

Choosing an excellent brand name is tough. Not only do you need to find something that sticks in the mind of your intended customer and gives you the power you need to elevate your brand, but you also need to choose from a range of different styles. Depending on what you want to say about your brand, your name can be descriptive, evocative, lexical, or creative. In today’s article, we’re going to be looking at some of the most popular types of brand names, and the benefits that they can offer to your business.